Brown/ White
Siberian Husky Mix
5 years

Sure, Grigio has a smile that can’t be beat, but yours might just compete when you first meet him! Full of spirit, love and a whole lot of spunk, Grigio has a big personality that shines as bright as the sun. With the fun-loving nature of a young pup and a sweetness that melts hearts, it’s impossible not to fall in love with Grigio.

Big fan of: People! Grigio has never met a person he doesn’t like. A big fan of affection, this guy will happily jump up and shower you with kisses as soon as he sees you. He can never say no to plenty of pets and scratches, and when you have a toy in your hand—even better! Sweet Grigio gets a huge kick out of playing fetch with himself, and the little puppy-like hops he does while running after his toy are arguably the cutest things ever. Grigio is a polite pup though, and makes sure to include his humans in all his antics, too!

Special features: Grigio may be a dog, but he’s definitely a people person! He feels most comfortable around friends of the human variety and prefers not to mingle with other dogs. Instead of a trip to the dog park, he’d much prefer a long walk or space to play with just you!

Dream home: Grigio is looking for a loving home where he can let his spunky personality shine! He would be a great family dog and can live with children of any age.