Black/ White
German Shorthaired Pointer Mix
1 year

Feliz is as joyous as her name implies! This pup is truly the definition of “happy-go-lucky.” Always greeting visitors with a smile and wiggly body, Feliz is a young lady on the hunt for an adopter who can give her a little training, lots of love and plenty of toys and games to keep herself busy with!

Big fan of: Walks! Feliz is at her happiest when she gets to strut down the street, feel the sunshine on her back and explore anything and everything with her nose. This gal loves to stop and smell the roses—literally! She sniffs so much that she’s even been given the nickname of “sniff machine” by ASPCA Adoption Center staff. The only thing better than a walk, for Feliz, is playtime! Whether it’s with a human or another dog, Feliz is happy either way. This gal has been a total star in doggy playgroups during her time in the shelter! Once the games are done, sweet Feliz loves curling up in the lap of her favorite human—which is just about anyone, really--and reveling in all the pets and scratches she so deserves.

Working on: Containing her excitement! Walks are just so amazing that Feliz often pulls pretty hard while outside, forgetting that there is a human attached to the other end of the leash. Seeing her people friends is also super exciting for this pup, and sometimes Feliz forgets that putting her mouth on them is not the proper way to say hello. She would thrive with some rewards-based training to help her get better at keeping calm in both scenarios! Feliz is a spunky, active and happy gal, and in her previous home, her energy led Feliz to chew on objects that were not hers. Her adopter should be ready to work on confinement and willing to give her plenty of chew toys to keep busy with! Sweet Feliz is not yet housetrained but would love to learn.

Dream home: Feliz would do best with an active adopter who can keep her entertained! Because she sometimes forgets her polite manners when excited, she can be a little too much for small children. Come meet her and ask a Matchmaker if Feliz is the right fit for your home!