Beagle Mix
13 years

If you could look up the phrase “sweet as can be” in the dictionary, you’d probably find a photo of Eustace! This senior boy is on the hunt for a quiet retirement home where he can spend his golden years taking naps, getting pets and reveling in all the love he so deserves!

Big fan of: Comfy spots! Eustace’s favorite thing in the world is his fluffy, cozy bed. You can most often find him curled up on top, snoozing away! A lover of people, the only thing that could make naps better for this guy is a snuggly person by his side. Eustace adores every human he meets and plops his head right into the lap of whoever is sitting by his side. Give him some gentle chin scratches while you’re there and Eustace will be happy as a clam!

Special features: Eustace doesn’t let anything stop him! Even though he’s visually impaired, this good boy still enjoys going for walks and will calmly trot alongside you to the sound of your voice.

Dream home: Eustace is looking for a quiet home with an adopter he can snuggle up with! Small kids can be a little too much for this older gentleman, so he would prefer a household with teens and up and should be the only pup in the home.