American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
1 year

Dory’s on the hunt for a home where she can just keep playing! As a dog who could easily appear next to the phrase “full of life” in the dictionary, sweet Dory is looking for someone who can keep up with her! If you have a little pep in your step, some time for training and a never-ending stash of toys, Dory may be your match!

Big fan of: Keeping active! Dory is a fun-loving lady who can never say no to a good play session. Put any kind of toy in front of her—a rope, a ball, a plush toy or anything else—and Dory’s eyes light up! While she doesn’t mind playing alone, Dory loves including her human friends in her games! She can be a little nervous around strangers, but once she warms up loving Dory will bring her toys right over to you—and with a big smile on her face, too! But if there’s one thing Dory truly enjoys, it’s going for long walks where she can stretch her legs and explore the world with her nose. She can get a little overwhelmed and bark at a passersby here at the shelter, but Dory absolutely shines when out on the street! And the best part of walks, for Dory, isn’t necessarily the exercise or the chance to feel the sun on her back—it’s the opportunity to see other dogs! A social butterfly, Dory adores pups and has been the star of playgroup during her stay at the ASPCA Adoption Center. She can be a bit much for some dogs, but Dory tries her hardest to make them all her best friends!

Special features: Dory is a smart girl, and she knows it! Already a master at “sit”, Dory is working hard on learning even more tricks and manners. Her big focus right now is remembering to keep all four paws on the ground when excited or overwhelmed, as well as learning how to differentiate what is and isn’t okay to put in her mouth.

Dream home: Dory would love to be part of an active home where she can have the time she needs to settle in! Her adopter should be willing to give her the training she needs to learn her household manners. Young kids can be a little too much for Dory, so she would prefer to live with teens and adults.