Labrador Retriever Mix
7 months

There may never have been a dog sweeter than our Damien! This boy has so much love to give, so the only thing he wants in life is to spend all his time with his human friends. With his intense love of people comes some anxiety when left alone, and he’s looking for a special type of adopter who can help him work through his fears and stresses—as well as help him age into a mature adult! Could that be you?

Big fan of: People! This boy enjoys nothing more than being around his buddies—and especially being up close and personal with them! In his previous home, Damien was noted to adore curling up and cuddling in bed with some of his favorite family members. When he isn’t lazing the day away with his humans, Damien loves showing off his bursts of puppy energy with plenty of fun games! He enjoys pretty much every squeaky toy he can get his mouth on and is an expert at making just about everyone laugh with his goofy puppy antics. It’s safe to say he still has the spunk of a young pup!

Working on: Learning that alone time can be a blessing! Damien gets very anxious during transitions and when not around his favorite people. He’s shown some potential for separation anxiety, so Damien needs a special person who can help him work through his fears, especially during the first few weeks in his new home. At his core, Damien is still a big puppy and hasn’t yet learned to remember his adult manners. He tends to pick items up off the ground while out for walks, try to jump on tables or counters and chew on things that don’t belong to him. But, Damien is a smart boy who is willing to work hard for a tasty treat, and he would love to participate in some training classes!

Dream home: Damien is looking to go home with a special and patient adopter. Because he can be anxious when left alone, Damien needs someone who is home for most of the day, and willing to work with a rewards-based trainer. Our Behavior team has put together a great plan to help Damien acclimate to his new home and would be happy to speak about it in depth!