Labrador Retriever/Poodle
2 years

If there’s one word to describe Copper, it’s energetic! This goofy pup is truly full of life and just wants to have a little fun all the time! If you’ve been told that you’re sprightly, enjoy going on adventures as often as possible and can provide some basic doggy manners training, Copper may just be your guy.

Big fan of: Tennis balls! Copper is a high-energy dude who’s always “go, go, go”, and his favorite way to stay active and burn off that energy is to chase after those little green things. Toss one across the room and this good boy will bring it back and drop it at your feet for more—while making you laugh the whole time! Copper is a goofy guy, and he truly loves showing his funny side during playtime with those tennis balls—or really, whatever type of toy you’ve got! After the games are said and done, Copper has no problem snuggling up with his favorite people for a little love. This boy absolutely adores getting a little—or a lot—of affection from his human friends. 

Working on: His manners! Inside that big body, Copper has the spirit and spunk of a young puppy. Copper hasn’t yet learned that jumping up on and mouthing his human friends isn’t okay, so positive reinforcement training would go a long way with this guy. When it comes to messing around with other pups, Copper does well with females dogs but isn’t a big fan of male dogs, whom he tends to be snappy with. He also tends to bark at other pups when walked outside, but has been proven to do much better with a head halter! His adopter should be careful in monitoring his interactions with other dogs.

Dream home: Copper is looking for an adopter who can keep him exercised and entertained—and maybe take him on some adventures, too! His new home should be cat-free, and his adopter should be willing to give him some basic manners training. Come meet this big boy today to see if he’s the right fit for your family!