Brown Brindle
Shepherd Mix
3 years

Cher is looking for her Sonny! Just the right mix of active and snuggly, this lady would undoubtedly blow away the competition if “great dog” was an awards category. Cher’s getting ready to take the stage, and she’s on the hunt for a new friend who can help her get comfortable enough to get there! Just like a catchy song, you can’t get this girl out of your head once you meet her, and she’s more than ready to meet you!

Big fan of: Being outdoors! Cher is a nature-loving lady and enjoys nothing more than feeling a little sunshine on her back. When she’s outside, Cher just can’t contain her excitement—you’ll often find this gal doing barrel roll after barrel roll in the grass or going for a good run! And if her favorite human friend is with her, even better! Cher can sometimes get a little stage fright around new people, but give her a minute and she’ll quickly become your BFF. When you sit down on a park bench for a break, Cher will plop herself down right at your feet! And when you get home, she’ll bring her toys right over to you as a sign of good measure! Cher is a bit pickier when it comes to dog friends and should meet all pups in a one-on-one setting first.

Special features: Cher is a smart lady, and she’s working hard on finding her spot amidst the hustle and bustle of the city! Big crowds, busy streets and strangers coming into her home are all a little unsettling for this lady. But she’s making strides toward bringing her fearless and confident side out! Plus, she’s already housetrained!

Dream home: Cher would like an active adopter who is willing to give her the time and training she needs to become comfortable in her new environment. She would prefer a quiet neighborhood and can live with teens and up.