Maltese Mix
11 years

We hope you like Tex-Mex because Burrito is ready to add some spice to your life! Burrito may be older, but he doesn’t let that slow him down one bit. This easygoing senior dog is a gentleman through and through. Burrito is sweet, social and he loves to spend some quality time cuddling with his favorite people. You won’t want to stop taking pictures of his adorable grin! He’d be the perfect addition to a laid-back household where he can become your sidekick and confidante.

Big fan of: Affection! Burrito is one friendly boy, and he loves to get pets and scratches from his favorite people. He will show his gratitude with plenty of tail wagging and love. When it comes to dog friends, Burrito likes most dogs, but should meet any new friends in a one-on-one setting.

Special features: Burrito is a smart, polite and relaxed guy. When out for a walk on his leash, he will stick right by your side. He is also unaffected by the loud noises from the big city when out and about. In his previous home, Burrito may have been housetrained, and with guidance and supervision he should be able to remember to only use the bathroom outside. Our Behavior team can help you with more guidance on this. Burrito will require professional grooming every six to eight weeks and should be brushed regularly.

Dream home: Burrito is looking for a loving, relaxed home with an adopter who will keep up with his grooming. He can join a home with children 10 years and older.