Black/ White
Mixed Breed
7 years

Bunny is ready to hop his way into your heart! As soon as this charming pup looks up at you with those handsome eyes, you just can’t help but fall in love. He’s such an expert at winning people over that he’s been affectionately nicknamed “Bun Bun” by the adoring ASPCA Adoption Center staff! All Bunny wants is someone with a little time in their calendar for some snuggles. Could that be you?

Big fan of: People! If there’s one thing Bunny enjoys more than anything, it’s getting some quality time in with his favorite human friends. A big fan of pets, scratches and all-around love, Bunny likes to pretend he’s a lapdog and snuggle right up to you. When he’s feeling particularly enamored, Bunny will let you know by smothering your face in kisses! And during playtime, Bunny will happily chomp away on any toy in reach!

Special features: Bunny is one smart pup! He has a rock-solid sit and loves showing it off, especially while riding politely in a car. When it comes to his main mode of transportation—walking—Bunny is taking steps towards becoming an expert and remembering his polite leash skills, especially when passing by other dogs! He much prefers human attention to canine attention and is not a good dog park candidate. However, he has made some canine friends while here at the shelter—particularly puppies! At home, Bunny can get a little startled and become assertive during certain situations, like when someone knocks on a door, and he’s working on remembering his manners!

Dream home: Bunny would like a home where he will be given some time to adjust! He could live well with small dogs, and should meet any potential large dog roommates one-on-one first. He must live in a household with teens and up.