Black/ White
Mixed Breed
7 years

Bunny is ready to hop his way into your heart! As soon as this charming pup looks up at you with those handsome eyes, you just can’t help but fall in love. He’s as gentle of a giant as they come—so much so that he’s been nicknamed “Bun Bun” by the adoring ASPCA Adoption Center staff! All Bunny wants is someone with a little time in their calendar for some snuggles. Could that be you?

Big fan of: People! Bunny has never met a person he doesn’t like, and if there’s one thing Bunny enjoys more than anything else, it’s getting some quality time in with his favorite human friends. A big fan of pets, scratches and all-around love, Bunny likes to pretend he’s a lapdog and snuggle right up to you. When he’s feeling particularly enamored, Bunny will let you know by smothering your face in kisses! And don’t think a big guy can’t have a playful spirit! Bunny loves squeaky toys and will happily chomp away on any within his reach!

Special features: Bunny is one smart pup! He has a rock-solid "sit," and loves to show it off, especially while riding politely in a car. When it comes to stretching his legs and going for walks, the hustle and bustle of the city can be a little overwhelming for him. But, with some words of encouragement, Bunny blossoms into the brave boy he really is! Bunny doesn’t mind passing by other dogs when out for a stroll but prefers not to interact with them otherwise. He is not a dog park dog.

Dream home: Bunny would make a wonderful addition to any household! A gentle boy, he would be a great family dog and should be the only pup in the home.