Pit Bull Terrier Mix
1 year

Bub is ready to sweep you off your feet! The perfect gentleman, this guy is truly a staff favorite at the ASPCA Adoption Center. He has every “good dog” trait covered! Gentle yet fun and playful yet sweet, Bub has something for everyone. If you’re looking to be wooed by an all-around good boy, you have to meet Bub!

Big fan of: People! Bub is a smooth talker and instantly melts the hearts of everyone around him. And the love goes both ways--as soon as Bub sees you coming over, he perks right up and can’t keep that cute tail from wagging! Whether you’re giving him some nice scratches or starting a fun play session Bub is always up for some quality one-on-one time. Even more so if you have toys! This guy enjoys nothing more than gnawing on a good soft toy, and he would love having a human friend there to join in!

Special features: Bub is one smart guy! He’s already a master at “sit” and is excited to learn more tricks and manners, especially if it means getting a taste of a yummy treat! A social butterfly, Bub likes playing with other dogs. He’s a “tri-pawed,” so his adopter should make sure that all his pup friends remember to play appropriately.

Dream home: Bub would like an adopter with some dog experience who can give him plenty of love and affection! He can live in a household with teens and up.