Mixed Breed
8 years

The past few months have been long for everyone, but they’ve felt even longer for Bobbie, who continues her search for a home. This sweet girl has been with the ASPCA since February before businesses temporarily shut down and people started staying home. And sadly, she was at another shelter before joining us, too. As everyone begins to venture back outdoors, Bobbie wants to join in on the fun! She’s more than ready to finally leave kennel life behind and find a family who will take her on long walks where she can feel the summer sun on her back, or maybe even spend a vacation at the beach. She’s looking for a special, active human to share these adventures with and we hope that might be you!

Big fan of: Burning off her energy! Bobbie is a highly active gal. If she were human, she’d be one of those people who hops out of bed at the crack of dawn and immediately goes for a five-mile run, so she’d make a great running buddy. Or, she would be that human friend who somehow remains enthusiastic and energetic without even a sip of coffee. When she isn’t busy practicing her zoomies, Bobbie loves going for long walks where she shows off her cute little “gallop,” and she’s always dreamed of having a backyard where she could run and play to her heart’s content! Bobbie also loves to rip the squeakers out of toys and will place one in your lap when it’s your turn to join in her games. Most of all, Bobbie loves humans! Her previous foster caregiver says that Bobbie is “one happy girl who loves being around her people” and enjoys having “all the attention on her.” Bobbie always wants to get pets and belly rubs and know everything you’re doing—and be a part of it! Bobbie is never one to turn down a little R&R, either. She can often be found basking comfortably in the sun, lounging on the couch or following her foster caregiver to bed. It’s time for Bobbie to find a home where she can do just that.

Working on: Her impulse control. Anything and everything excites Bobbie, and she often gets so wrapped up in her excitement that she forgets her manners. When this happens, Bobbie will jump on people and ‘mouth’ them, chew on objects that aren’t hers, pick things up off the street, or play a little rough with other dogs. Our Matchmakers and Behavior team have had the opportunity to get to know Bobbie very well and would love to chat with interested adopters about her personality and the continued training she’ll need.

Dream home: Bobbie’s energy and ongoing training needs makes her a unique girl, so she’s not the dog for everyone. But she’s definitely the dog for someone out there looking to help a dog continue to grow and blossom. We expect that Bobbie might be anxious when transitioning into a new home, so she would do best with an experienced dog owner who can help her settle in and develop good habits, including housetraining. It’s important that Bobbie’s new family are able to meet her high energy needs with lots of walks and other exciting forms of exercise. She’s previously lived well with cats, but children may be new for her. Many other dogs don’t appreciate her play style, so Bobbie should be the only pup in the home, and her adopter will need to find other outlets for her energy besides the dog park.

We hope you will consider adopting Bobbie. Our teams are here to help! If you’d like to would like to meet her and start the process, please fill out our Dog Adoption Survey!

Bobbie has even been the inspiration for Instagram® illustrator @Petdisneyfication, check out this post!


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