Black/ Tan
Hound /Australian Shepherd
1 year

Sometimes it’s easiest to describe a pup with a simple phrase—and for Bella, that phrase is “a whole lot of dog!” This social butterfly loves being on the go, participating in adventures and having fun anytime and anywhere she can. Bella is looking for her kindred spirit—that is, an adopter who enjoys the same!

Big fan of: Staying active! Bella likes to keep moving, and she has a number of ways she enjoys doing so. A huge fan of walks, Bella loves getting outside to stretch her legs and racking up those steps on her pedometer. But, aside from the exercise Bella’s favorite part about walks is getting to meet lots of people and other dogs on the street! Bella has been the star of doggy playgroup during her time at the ASPCA Adoption Center, but because her exuberant play style can sometimes be a little overwhelming for other pups her adopter should keep a close eye on her and her potential friends at the dog park. When she’s back home Bella loves engaging in just about any game, especially when they involve lots of toys! Squeakers and tennis balls are a big hit with this gal.

Working on: Remembering her manners when excited! Walks are super exciting for Bella, and sometimes she gets so wrapped up in them that she grabs at or pulls on her leash. Because she loves getting out and about, Bella also tends to attempt to bolt through open doorways, so her adopter should keep a particularly close eye on their front door. A talkative gal, Bella enjoys using her voice and likes to bark out of excitement when first heading out for walks or when she sees other dogs.

Dream home: Bella would be a good fit for most families—even first-time dog owners! She’s previously lived with a cat. Come meet this sweet girl today to see if she’s the right fit for your home!

This animal is available for adoption via our Adoption Center. If you are interested in adopting please call our Adoptions department in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.
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