American Pit Bull Terrier Mix
3 years

More About Her:

Ava is a sensitive lady looking for a kindred spirit with a heart as gentle as hers. Beautiful and demure, Ava takes her time to get to know people and can feel anxious and fearful when in her kennel. But she’s got a big, playful personality just waiting to shine through her shy exterior—we’ve seen it firsthand. Good things come to those who wait, and if you give Ava some patience and proper introductions, she will show you what a lover she really is.

Big fan of: Her favorite people! Once she has been given the opportunity to warm up, Ava becomes a total lap dog, eager to make new human friends and get plenty of love. Ava would prefer to meet new friends outside of her kennel, where she feels more confident and comfortable. Sometimes, she can get a bit over excited when meeting new friends and forget to keep all four paws on the floor, but our Behavior team is helping her work on this. Ava also loves to play with toys and will zoom around in front of her friends with a toy in her mouth, happy to show off her playful side. When it comes to dog friends, Ava should meet any new dogs first in a one-on-one setting to ensure compatibility.

Special features: Ava is one smart pup! She already knows “sit,” “down,” and “drop it.” She will work hard for a tasty treats and is motivated by positive reinforcement training. Ava may be housetrained, but guidance and supervision will help her to remember to only use the bathroom outside in her new home. Our Behavior team can help you with tips to help with this.

Dream home: Ava needs a patient, understanding adopter who has past experience with dogs and who is willing to continue to exercise and train her as she adjusts to a new home. She can join a household with teens and up.