Black/ White
6 years

Turmeric is here to spice up your life, with his buddy Paprika! A big fan of a slow approach, Turmeric prefers attention on his terms. Give him some time to come to you and you’ll soon seen Turmeric’s playful personality shine! This kitty adores wand toys, and when he’s ready to play he lets you know. If he’s feeling particularly frisky, you may catch him running around with a toy in his mouth! When it’s time to relax and settle down, Turmeric embodies the “if I fits, I sits” catchphrase and lays claim to any cardboard box in sight. A professional spot stealer, Turmeric also loves playing the prankster and plopping down in your seat as soon as you stand up. But, the cutest thing about Turmeric isn’t his dashing good looks or funny personality—it’s his little chirp to greet new visitors!

Turmeric would do best with a patient adopter who understands cat body language. He can’t imagine life without his friend Paprika, so they must go home together!