Grey/ White
2 years

Taro is an independent lady, and she’s come a long way since her first days at the ASPCA Adoption Center! Shy and sweet, Taro has been taking steps toward letting her true personality shine. She can still be a little nervous when it comes to new people and places, but with time Taro comes out of her shell! Kitten games are too silly for Taro, so she prefers to spend her time napping in a tight, cozy spot or gazing longingly out the window. Once she’s fully relaxed and comfortable, give Taro some nice scratches and she leans in for more! Pets around the head and neck are pure bliss for this gal. She may even roll over on her back to show you how grateful she is—but don’t be surprised when you only see three legs! Tri-pawed Taro has no idea she’s different and lives life to the fullest!

Taro would like to go to a quiet home with a cat-savvy adopter. She would do best with children ages 14 and up and may enjoy having a kitty roommate!