4 years

Say hello to Somerset! This pretty girl has gone through a huge transformation since we first met her, and we can’t wait to see her thrive with a new human or two. We initially met Somerset back in October after she came to us from a home with a lot of other cats—and to be frank, she didn’t like the shelter one bit. But, in a comfy foster home Somerset has blossomed!

It took Somerset a few weeks to settle into her new digs, but once she felt at home, she had no problem showing her foster caregiver who she truly is—and that’s a big fan of play! Described as, “crazy for playtime and treats,” Somerset is the type of gal who never says no to a game. Particularly, Somerset enjoys batting around spring toys, stalking wand toys and, “mewing as she carries her chipmunk catnip toy around the apartment in her mouth.” Somerset enjoys pets, too, in small doses, and it’s best to keep playtime and pet time separate with Somerset since she can sometimes confuse hands for toys when in a “game on” mood. With physical affection in general Somerset definitely has a “don’t come to me, I’ll come to you,” attitude and is happy to solicit scratches when and where she wants them! When Somerset isn’t feeling up for a scratch sesh, she’s happy to watch the world go by from a comfy windowsill instead.

Somerset would do best with an adopter who understands that going to a new home can be a little scary. She’ll definitely need a few weeks to settle in, and her people should be prepared for her to show some defensive behavior like swatting and hissing while she’s working on getting comfortable—so, her adopters would ideally have some experience with similar types of kitties. The only thing Somerset wants in life is to be the queen of the castle, so no other cats or small kids, please! But, you can count her in for respectful teens. If Somerset may be a good match for you, please complete our Cat Adoption Survey.

Somerset near window

Somerset playtime

Somerset in the office