Black/Grey Tabby
2 years

Simba is looking for his Nala! This kitty can be pretty nervous in new places and around strangers. It takes him time to learn to trust new people—but, underneath his shyness Simba has a bright personality waiting to shine! He has one passion, and that passion is play. Pull out a Cat Catcher and you can see the physical shift in Simba from a nervous kitty to a cat who’s a little more confident and relaxed! Simba is still learning that petting is a good thing, but once he’s in “fun mode” this shy guy is a little more accepting.

Simba would do best with experienced adopter who understands he will need a hands-off approach and plenty of time—likely at least a few weeks—to settle into his new home and show his true personality. Children can be a little overwhelming for this guy, so Simba would prefer a home with teens or older. A big fan of other felines, Simba needs to go to a home with another cat-friendly cat, preferable one who is confident and outgoing!