White/Cream Tabby
12 years

More About Him:

Rocket is looking for a best friend! In no time, you will form a very special bond with this beautiful white tabby. Rocket would like to find a buddy who he can hang out with, follow around, and curl up next to on the couch. A loyal companion who thrives with a bit of gentle attention, Rocket will be waiting by the door when you come home each day. This special cat will happily show you how well he can chase and retrieve his favorite toy ball. Rocket’s absolute favorite pastime is playing an exciting game of fetch. He also loves catnip and cardboard scratching posts. Rocket is a bit sensitive to being picked up, and may prefer to interact with you when he is on all fours. Our Behavior team can give you some tips for helping this kitty become more comfortable with being handled.

Rocket made a miraculous full recovery from pneumonia, but is currently still taking medication. He would like to meet an experienced adopter and join a home with teens ages 14-and-up. Call our Adoption Center to learn more about this gorgeous, sweet cat.


MYM Feline-ality:
The Executive

I have to say, I'm a busy cat. First, I've got to check out what's happening out the window. Next, I'll see if any closets or cupboards need looking into. And then there are my naps—can't be late for those. I can fit a little socializing into my schedule. Shall we plan on breakfast and dinner? I hope you like kibbles.