Brown/ Black
10 years

Prana and Pavel are bonded. They must go home together.

Prana can be a little shy—and she shines the brightest when she’s with her BFF Pavel! Give Prana the space and time to come to you, and soon Prana might love just you as must as she loves Pavel. Once she deems you a friend, Prana walks up to you when she’s ready for some love! If you don’t give it to her quick enough, Prana gets your attention by rubbing up against your legs, rolling around on the floor or even climbing straight into your lap. When she isn’t busy getting lots of love or relaxing in a cozy spot, Prana likes to pass the time with a good grooming session—either with you or Pavel! Prana can’t imagine life without her best friend, so she must go home with Pavel. Come meet these two today!