5 years

As soon as you see those big green eyes you can’t help but fall in love with this magical guy! Padfoot is a sensitive cat who is learning to appreciate just how amazing the world can be. New people and places can be a little overwhelming for him, so Padfoot counts on his brave kitty friends to show him the way! When it comes to being comfortable around people, Padfoot has been making strides. He’s still getting used to petting, but there’s one surefire way to win his affection—treats! This guy’s love of tasty snacks easily overrides apprehension of strangers. The only thing that could tear Padfoot’s attention away from his favorite foods is a fun and feisty game! He always enjoys playtime with his human friends, especially when there’s a good wand toy for him to chase.

Padfoot is looking for an adopter with shy cat experience who will give him time to become comfortable in his new home. He should live with adults only and would benefit from having another cat in the house.