Brown/ White Tabby
5 years

Odysseus is ready to be the king in a new home! He likes to take his time adjusting to new places and scenarios, but once he is acclimated, this guy is a true attention-seeker—whether it’s from his best feline friend Apri or his human friends! You can often find Odysseus snuggling up with or grooming Apri, but when he’s ready for some human interaction Odysseus is sure to let you know by becoming your shadow! One smart kitty, Odysseus even responds to his name. Once he has your full attention, Odysseus loves to show his playful side—even with strangers! When it comes to meeting new people, Odysseus prefers a slow approach.

Odysseus can’t imagine life without his BFF Apri, so they must go home together. They would do best in a household with children ages 8 and up.