White/ Grey
2 years

Sometimes you just need a little time to adjust to a new place—and if anyone knows that, it’s Niffy! Shy around new people, Niffy takes her time warming up to strangers. But, once she becomes comfortable she will happily showcase her true personality—an adventurer! When she isn’t cuddling with her best friend Finny, you will find Niffy exploring her surroundings. Jumping up onto high things, running around and having any kind of fun possible are all fair game for Niffy! Sometimes she can get so wrapped up in her adventures that she accidentally knocks things over, so her adopter should be sure to keep any valuable or delicate items put away.

Niffy would do best with an adopter who has previous cat experience. She can’t imagine life without her best friend Finny, so they must go home together. They would prefer to live with children ages 14 and up.