4 years

About Her:

Melly is a shy kitty who is looking for a home with another feline friend, or an adopter who is looking to adopt two cat friends. Being with another cat makes Melly feel most at ease. At the ASPCA Adoption Center, she lives in a Cat Habitat where she can freely mingle with other kitty friends. This lifestyle is helping Melly become much less shy.

This sweet girl likes to take it slow. Currently, she is a bit nervous around people. She will need some time to warm up to her new adopter, but with patience and space, we think she will easily adapt to her new surroundings. Although she may hide at first, gradually introducing Melly to one room with her food, water, litterbox and toys, will help her be less overwhelmed in a new setting. Spending some quality one-on-one time with this special kitty, and a handful of yummy treats, will help Melly relax in her new home. Once she is feeling comfortable, allow Melly to access other parts of the home. She enjoys playing with her wand toy and with gentle attention; she will slowly come out of her shell.

Melly would like to join a quiet, adults-only home with another cat-friendly cat.