Black/ White
5 years

Max is a friendly and social kitty—he just needs some time to let that side of him shine! This boy tends to be a little nervous when meeting new people or when in a new place. Once he feels comfortable, Max really shows his friendly and curious sides! You can often find Max asking for attention from his friends by rubbing on their legs, and he’s as happy as a clam when getting lots of scratches on the face and back. He may even get so excited about the attention he flops over and rolls around on the floor, goofily staring at you from his upside-down or sideways position. Give him a little catnip and Max is sure to be in kitty paradise!

Max’s adopter should understand that he will need time and confinement to settle in and be willing to allow him to take things on his terms. He would do best in a quiet household with children ages 10 and up and has previously lived well with other cats. Come meet Max today to see if he’s a good fit for your family!