13 years

You can’t help but want more of Mandy! This sweet older lady shows her shy side when first meeting new people, but just give her some time to warm up! Once she realizes you’re a friend, Mandy loves to revel in good head scratches and even headbutts, leaning into your hands to tell you to keep going. While Mandy is a little mature for most of those silly kitten games, she does still have a spunky side she likes to show off while playing with ball toys! But, to Mandy, the best way to pass the time isn’t by playing a game, but by spending it with her favorite friends. Following you around and sitting in your lap as soon as you take a seat are just a few of the attention-grabbing tricks Mandy keeps up her sleeve!

Small kids can be a little too much for this lady, so Mandy would prefer a home with children ages 12 and up. She has previously had feline roommates and, with proper introductions, may be able to share a home with another cat-friendly kitty. Come meet her today!

MYM Feline-ality:
The Executive

I have to say, I'm a busy cat. First, I've got to check out what's happening out the window. Next, I'll see if any closets or cupboards need looking into. And then there are my naps—can't be late for those. I can fit a little socializing into my schedule. Shall we plan on breakfast and dinner? I hope you like kibbles.