6 months

Kasper is the kitten of your dreams—playful, loving, and cute as a button! By nature, Kasper is a people cat and always makes sure any potential human friends don’t miss him. As soon as he spots you, Kasper will be on his feet ready to strut right over, and he may even let out the cutest little meow you’ve ever heard along the way! After he’s gotten all the attention he’d like, Kasper likes to turn his attention to playtime. From ping pong balls to toy mice, Kasper is an expert at just about every game!

Kasper has been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and needs a special adopter. Young kitten babies like Kasper are more susceptible to developing severe clinical signs associated with the virus over time, and it’s possible it could progress while he’s young. While his future is unknown, sweet Kasper currently feels great and has no idea he’s sick! Because of his FeLV status, Kasper must be the only kitty in the home or go to a household with only other FeLV-positive cats.