Black/ White
6 months

How can you resist Kam? This lovable baby boy tends to be a little cautious around new people, but give him a minute and let him approach—it’s then that Kam really begins to come out of his shell! The sweetest of the sweet, Kam loves gentle attention from his human friends. When he’s not busy stretching out and snoozing away for a nice cat nap, Kam is a big fan of playtime! Give him any type of toy and Kam can surely turn it into something fun.

Kam has been diagnosed with Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and needs a special adopter. Young kitten babies like Kam are more susceptible to developing severe clinical signs associated with the virus over time, and it’s possible it could progress while he’s young. While his future is unknown, sweet Kam currently feels great and has no idea he’s sick! Because of his FeLV status, Kam must be the only kitty in the home or go to a household with only other FeLV-positive cats.