Orange/ White
5 years

Joey is ready to bring a little joy into your life! Sensitive and shy, this guy takes his time getting used to new people and places. After slow introductions, Joey will let you know when he’s ready to call you a friend! You can’t miss this gorgeous guy stretching as he saunters on over to you, giving a couple cute meows and making biscuits along the way! Joey enjoys gentle pets and scratches on his terms and doesn’t mind a fun game here and there, either. But the way to his heart is really through his stomach. A few treats will have Joey eating from his the palm of his friends’ hands—literally! Joey doesn’t limit his friends to just humans. He has previously lived well with other cats and never minds a roommate that speaks his language!

Joey would like to go home with an experienced cat adopter. He needs a quiet household where he can have time to settle in and can live with children ages 12 and up.