7 years

There may never have been a pair of cats who love each other more than Rhiannon and James! Both of these kitties were described as “mellow and sweet” by their foster caregiver. James is the more adventurous of the two, but both Rhiannon and James tend to be nervous in new places at first. Once he feels comfortable, James morphs into a lap cat! There’s no place he’d rather be than on top of your legs. James very much enjoys attention in small doses and isn’t shy about telling you when he’d like some and when he’s ready to move onto other things. In his day-to-day life, James enjoys cuddling with his BFF Rhiannon, accosting his people as soon as they get home and playing with fake mice, laser pointers and wand toys. Alongside Rhiannon, James loves going on adventures behind the TV—we think he may have dreams of becoming a big-shot actor!

Rhiannon and James can’t imagine life without each other, so they must go home together. Because these two can be a little shy—especially when in a new place—they’re looking for a person who understands that they will need time and confinement to settle in before showing their true colors. Small kids may be too much for these sensitive souls, but they could do well with teens! If you’re interested in adopting this lovely pair, please fill out our Cat Adoption Survey.

Rhiannon and James