5 years

Gamma and Glacier are sisters who have been together their whole lives—and now, they can’t wait to find a new home together! Both of these ladies might be a little nervous when first arriving in their new home but give them a few days to warm up and they soon morph into the loveliest kitties!

Glacier is a little more hesitant than her counterpart Gamma, but underneath her nervous exterior is a loving, gentle lady. Glacier, “loves getting attention but doesn’t beg for it,” her foster caregiver notes—which is the perfect contrast to Gamma, who isn’t shy about begging! When she isn’t being doted on, Glacier is happy to curl up for a cozy cat nap. She’s not a super energetic gal and would much prefer to spend her time snoozing “on top of everything,” instead of running around! Glacier also enjoys being brushed by her favorite people and snuggling up with her sister.

Gamma and Glacier would make a great fit for many different types of families! If you’re ready for double the kitties and double the love, please complete our Cat Adoption Survey.


Gamma and Glacier