8 years

Gazelle’s keeping an eye out for a new home—and she’s got those big green eyes set on yours! This sensitive gal gets a little nervous around new people and in new places. After slow and steady introductions, it’s clear just how loving this sweet lady is! Gazelle is a lap cat at heart and adores cuddling up on her favorite human friends. She’s always sure to let you know when she’s ready for pets by rolling over on her side to drive her point home! And Gazelle has a fun, playful spirit that she shows off once she’s comfortable. This girl particularly enjoys batting at wand toys, but if you’re not around, don’t fret! She can be an independent lady who doesn’t mind chasing a ball or toy mouse around on her own.

Gazelle needs an adopter with some previous cat experience who understands that she will need time to settle into her new home. She should join a quiet household with children ages 12 and up.