Black/ White
1 year

Cosmo may be a sensitive guy, but deep down he’s a big kitten at heart! A little nervous around new people, Cosmo takes a minute before letting his true inner confidence shine. Once he’s comfortable, Cosmo gladly hops up into your lap and soaks up all the pets around the head and chin you’re willing to give! Sometimes scratches can be a little too much for him, so Cosmo is always courteous in making sure he gives plenty of body language cues to let you know when he’s done. When he’s not busy soliciting attention from his favorite humans, Cosmo prefers to spend his time gazing longingly out windows while curled up in a comfy spot, chasing after laser pointers and rough housing with his best friend, McCartney.

Cosmo would do best with a cat-savvy adopter who is good at reading cat body language. He would prefer an adults-only home and must go home with his BFF McCartney.