Brown tabby
4 years

Human brothers often tend to fight while growing up together—but that’s definitely not the case with kitty brothers Collard and Radish! These two adore each other and are looking for a new home together. Both of these dudes are a little on the shy side and took some time adjusting to the shelter—and we know they’ll take some time to adjusting to their adoptive home, too. When given the time they needed to settle in, Collard was the first of this dynamic duo to venture out. He’s definitely the more confident of the pair! Once Collard considers you a friend, he makes it clear that he enjoys two things: petting on his terms and playtime! Collard prefers to ask you for love instead of vice versa, and when he wants to be pet, he can usually be found headbutting your hands over and over and over. Playtime is pretty fun for this guy too—alone, with a human friend or with his brother! 

Collard and Radish have never known life without each other—and they don’t want to! They’re bonded, so they must go home together. Because these two can be sensitive to loud sounds, a quiet home with teens and up would be best. We know that Collard and Radish previously lived with a dog but we’re now sure how they got along. If you already have a pup, our Matchmakers would be more than happy to provide information about how to set them all up for success! If you think this pair is the pair for you, please fill out our Cat Adoption Survey.


Collard and Radish