Black/ White
2 years

Calling all cat lovers! Have you met Chris? This sensitive kitty is looking for a special human who can help him come out of his shell. Chris enjoys the quiet things in life. Whether you’re lazing around reading a book or relaxing on the couch after a long day at work, with your company Chris will surely be enjoying himself just as much as you! This sweet guy always likes to be curled up and fully relaxed in his favorite comfy spot. Chris is a shy guy by nature and likes taking his time getting to know new people. But once he’s comfortable, Chris is a big fan of quiet and gentle attention! And if there’s another cat around—even better! Chris loves having friends of the feline variety, especially when they’re there to teach him the ropes of his new surroundings!

Chris would like to go to a quiet household with an adopter who understands that he will need time to adjust. He can live with children ages 14 and up and would love a confident kitty roommate!