Brown Tabby
1 year

Chico has made leaps and bounds during his time at the ASPCA Adoption Center—and now he’s ready to leap into a new home! A sensitive kitty, Chico takes time getting used to new people and places. With patience Chico starts to come out of his shell, and as he gets comfortable you can slowly see his playful side come out! A fan of pipe cleaners, cat nip and wand toys, Chico is one happy boy when he gets to play a game with his human friends! Give him some treats for a game-well-done and Chico will be in kitty paradise. When he isn’t busy playing, Chico loves relaxing in a cozy nook, curling up in the window sill to keep an eye on the outside world and hanging out with other kitties—Chico is a social butterfly when it comes to friends who speak the same language!

Chico would do best with an experienced cat adopter in a quiet, adults-only home. He thrives when he’s around other kitties, so he needs to go to a home with another cat—preferably one who’s confident and outgoing!