Grey/White Tabby
6 years

Office Foster Cat

As part of our adoption program, some of our feline friends have the opportunity to live in ASPCA team members' offices. Living in an office allows cats to have a more comfortable and domestic living space, and allows our behaviorists to learn more about each individual kitty's personality and needs. Through the office foster program, we are able to offer adopters a clearer picture of how their new feline friend will adjust to life in a permanent home.

More About Her:

Charlotte might be shy at first, but with time, she will become a very engaging cat! She loves playtime and she has a tiny squeaky meow that lets you know it when the time is right to start the fun. “Hey you, play with me!” is something you’ll hear often (in cat language). Charlotte has an affectionate side, too!

Charlotte is still learning that people are good and figuring out how she likes to interact with them. She likes to be pet (hint: approach slowly, then gentle on the forehead, a little scratch on the cheeks if she leans in) and will probably warm up even more to the people in her new home with time and patience. For this reason, she would do best in an adults-only home.

Charlotte is looking for a home with a family that can give her love and affection with a heaping dose of interactive attention—she enjoys playing with wand toys, track balls, toy mice and ping pong balls. Charlotte needs a bit of time to come out of her shell, but once she does, you’ll see how much of a character she truly is. (And she always looks like she’s winking!)