Brown Tabby
1 year

You can’t resist Carrie! This sweet girl can be a little shy and sensitive around new people, especially when there’s a lot of noise or movement around. But at the core Carrie is a fun, playful gal that wants to live life to the fullest—she just needs a little help getting there! Give Carrie a few minutes to warm up and her true personality shines. She’s ready to be the queen of the castle and loves jumping up into high places! After Carrie is done surveying her kingdom, make sure you’re ready to play a game! Carrie enjoys nothing more than a fun play session with a wand or feather toy. The only thing that might compete with playtime is a nice, gentle scratch from her human friends! Carrie will headbutt your hands and roll onto her side to ask for more!

Carrie is looking for an experienced cat adopter who will give her time to settle into her new home. She would like an adults-only household and is open to the idea of a kitty roommate.