Grey Tabby
12 years

Sweet senior lady Braveheart has already done and seen it all. Now, she’s on the hunt for a comfy retirement home to spend her golden years in! This gal loves to pass the time by taking all the cat naps she can fit into her schedule—and if there’s a cozy spot to curl up in, even better! When she isn’t busy getting some R&R, you may find Braveheart playing a fun game with ball toys! This girl goes crazy for anything round she can bat around. But for Braveheart, the one thing better than a game or a nap is a friend! Braveheart can be a little shy around strangers, but give her a minute and she warms right up. Adults, children and anyone in between—Braveheart is great with everyone! When it comes to furry roommates, Braveheart prefers to be the queen of the castle and should be the only kitty in the home.