Belvedere & Bartholomew

Belvedere and Bartholomew
3 years

Belvedere and Bartholomew are proof that two is better than one! These brothers have been together their wholes lives and can’t wait to find a new home together. We first met this pair right after they’d been picked up off the street—and boy, did they not like people. But, with time and care from one of our veteran foster caregivers, they’ve fallen in love with the human life! Belvedere and Bartholomew enjoy nothing more than spending all of their time together. Whether they’re playing, grooming, napping or just relaxing, you can bet that these two will be connected at the hip. When it comes to petting, both Belvedere and Bartholomew still need a slow approach but “will purr away,” when they get loved on on their terms. Once given time to settle in, they’re even open to sitting on your lap when it’s time for scratches! And, for both Belvedere and Bartholomew, playtime is all the time. Put any kind of toy in front of them and they’re sure to be happy kitties!

Belvedere and Bartholomew can’t imagine life without each other, so they must go home together. Because they truly are sensitive souls at heart, a quiet home with children ages eight and up and an adopter who’s willing to give them time to settle in is key. Both of these guys have loved the other cat in their foster home and would do great with a family who already has another kitty, but no dogs please! If you think that Belvedere and Bartholomew are the perfect pair for you, please complete our Cat Adoption Survey.

Belvedere and Bartholomew