3 years

More About Him:

Our boy Beekman is a multi-faceted man of mystery. He can be both affectionate and shy, nervous with a strong desire to be social. He and his best friend Stuyvesant are affectionately known around the Adoption Center as “the boys,” and they’ve both come a long way since they first arrived. Both Beekman and his BFF need slow introductions and time to trust new people. Beekman relies on Stuyvesant for comfort and companionship. The two are never too far apart and can often be found curled up together. But once he warms up, Beekman will start to relax and show you his sweet side—eager for pets and tasty treats.

Beekman is looking for a quiet home with Stuyvesant. They are looking for a patient adopter who will take things slow and help them feel comfortable as they adjust to a new home. They can join a household with children 12 years and older.