13 years

Senior lady Becky has done and seen it all—now, she’s looking for a comfy retirement home where she can spend her golden years relaxing! Becky can sometimes be a little nervous around people she doesn’t know, but give her a minute to warm up and you’ll soon be her BFF! Silly games are too childish—or should we say kittenish?—for this mature lady, so Becky prefers to spend her time hanging out with her favorite humans. Give her some pets while she’s snuggling up to you and Becky is sure to be one happy kitty! But don’t think Becky only spends time with you while you’re on the couch. As soon as you’re up, Becky becomes your shadow and follows you around! Becky has previously lived with other cats and wouldn’t mind sharing her home with some kitty roommates. Meet her today to see if she’s a good fit for your family!