10 years

Office Foster Cat

As part of our adoption program, some of our feline friends have the opportunity to live in ASPCA team members' offices. Living in an office allows cats to have a more comfortable and domestic living space, and allows our behaviorists to learn more about each individual kitty's personality and needs. Through the office foster program, we are able to offer adopters a clearer picture of how their new feline friend will adjust to life in a permanent home. If you are interested in meeting one of our office foster cats, please first call our Adoptions department at (212) 876-7700 ext. 4120. Our team will provide you with more information about meeting this cat.

More About Him:

Meet Banana! This soft-spoken guy is a very affectionate cat. His favorite pastime is lounging the day away on your lap as you read or work. He’s also been known to try and help you send an email or two! Banana is very curious and enjoys exploring his surroundings throughout the day. He likes to discover new elevated perches with great views of his home or the outside world. He appreciates a slow approach, and warms up to receiving pets quickly.

Banana will happily rest his forehead against yours as you tell him about your day. He has a very strong, consistent purr that will quickly soothe your troubles. Although Banana is an easy-going cat, he appreciates batting a colorful cat dancer toy from time to time. He will also chase treats, which he loves.

Banana is looking for an adopter with previous cat experience and can join a home with children 12-and-up.