16 years

Yearning for summer? Lucky for you, August is here! Described by his foster caregiver as, “an incredibly affectionate cat who wants nothing more than to be given all your attention,” August is proof that older kitties can be just as great as their younger counterparts! August took a few weeks to feel comfortable in his foster home, and we’d expect a similar timeline in his adoptive home—but, according to the people who know him best, “earning the trust of this well-behaved cat is a reward in itself.” Once he feels settled in, August shows how truly awesome he is. This handsome man likes to spend most of his days lazing around, especially when there’s a small, comfy nook available for him to nap in. But, once one of his people comes around, August is sure to be up and at ‘em! According to his foster, once August catches a glimpse of you, “he jumps to his feet, then onto the couch—pawing at you or letting out a soft ‘meow’ to let you know he’s ready for petting!” And you better be ready to give August all the petting your hands can possibly give, because trust us—he never lets you stop.

August is a wonderful kitty and would do best with a patient adopter who’s excited to give him the time he needs to settle in. Because he prefers the quiet things in life, small kids may be too much for August—but teens would be great! August’s adopter should also know that he has chronic kidney disease, which isn’t uncommon in older cats. He’s currently not on any medication or special foods, and our veterinarians would be happy to answer any questions you may have about how to keep August as happy and healthy as can be! If you think you’ll love August as much as we do—and believe us, you will—please complete our Cat Adoption Survey.