7 years

If you’re looking for a sensitive love bug of a cat, you’re in the right place! Naturally shy, sweet Aubrey takes his time adjusting to new environments and people. With patience, a few treats and a wand toy Aubrey will start calling you his BFF! How do you know when he’s ready to award you the title? You won’t be able to miss it—Aubrey will be headbutting you for attention! He may even do a cute little chirp if he’s particularly excited to see you! Pull out some fun toys and Aubrey will be one happy kitty. He especially enjoys feather wands and shoelaces! But, if there’s one thing Aubrey really adores, it’s curling up in a quiet, cozy spot to catch some Z’s.

Aubrey is looking to go home with a patient, cat-savvy adopter who will give him the time he needs to settle in! He would do best in an adults-only home. He has previously lived with other cats.

Aubrey laying on desk

Aubrey sitting in file cabinet

Aubrey in box

Aubrey sleeping