Brown/White Tabby
14 years

More About Her:

Rescued from a severely overcrowded home, Aster has not yet been able to experience life as a beloved pet. Aster has made an incredible journey, and is eager to find a loving home.

Despite her blindness, Aster actually gets around very well and has no issues using her litter box. She will need a slow introduction into her new home to prevent her from feeling too overwhelmed. Because of her compromised vision, Aster is sensitive about being pet or picked up. With the help of some special yummy treats and plenty of time, this friendly kitty will adjust to her new surroundings.

Aster is comfortable with other cats, and would do very well living with a feline friend. She is a great playmate! One of her favorite games is to bat around crumpled pieces of paper. Aster enjoys playing with her toys.

This special kitty is looking for an experienced adopter in a quiet, adults-only home.