Grey/Black - Tabby
1 year

If you’re looking for a cat who loves attention, Amarillo may just be your guy! This sweet kitty can be a little nervous initially, but give him some time to warm up and he’s sure to melt your heart. The biggest fan of pets, scratches and rubs, Amarillo adores receiving attention from his human friends. He may even paw you or headbutt your hands to let you know he’d like some love! Sometimes Amarillo can get a little too excited about the pets he’s getting, but he’s always courteous and makes sure to give plenty of cues to let you know. The only thing that could compete with Amarillo’s love of attention is his love of burrowing! If you give Amarillo a blanket and turn your back for just a second, you may find yourself wondering where he went. But, once you see movement under that blanket there’s no question! 

Amarillo is looking for an experienced cat adopter who is good at kitty body language. He would do best with children ages 10 and up.