Toby was adopted!

Come meet sweet, little Toby at the ASPCA Adoption Center! This handsome pup is as soft as can be and a total sweetheart around his favorite people.

Big fan of: His friends! Toby is very affectionate with those who know him well, and may take some time to warm up to strangers. He is a great walker who will stay right by your side when out for a stroll!

Not a fan of: Toby is uncomfortable with people picking him up or trying to pet him too quickly. New friends should kneel down so Toby feels more at ease. This little dog is not a fan of cats.

Special features:  Toby is talkative, and may bark at strangers or unfamiliar noises. This handsome dog is a bit unsure about other dog friends. Toby needs regular brushing and grooming to keep his beautiful coat from getting matted. Toby was trained using wee wee pads, and with supervision he will adjust quickly to his new home.

Dream home: This small dog would be a great match for an experienced adopter. He should be okay going to a home with kids 10-and-up, but should meet them first at the Adoption Center.

If you’re interested: Please call our Adoption Center in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.