Maggie was adopted!
Shepherd Mix

Big fan of: People, once she gets to know them. Maggie loves to cuddle and play with her friends, but she needs a little bit of time to warm up.

Not a fan of: Scary stuff, like big-city noises and, sometimes, strangers who seem unusual to her.

Special features: Maggie’s got lots of energy and would love adopters who give her the exercise she needs to burn some of it off.

Other reasons she’s special: Maggie really likes to be home with her people, and she hates to see them go. She’s looking to be a near-constant companion to someone who can spend a lot of time with her.

Dream home: Maggie would prefer a teens-and-up home. Dog experience needed, too!

If you’re interested: Please call our Adoption Center in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4900.