Coretta was adopted!
Pit Bull Terrier Mix

Big fan of: People! Coretta is very friendly. She has plenty of energy and benefits from daily exercise. She likes to say “hello” to other dogs.

Not a fan of: Moving slowly. When Coretta is out for a walk, she’s in a real hurry to get where she’s going! She may also bark to get what she wants, but our Behavior team can give you tips to curb that.

Special features: This smart pup already knows sit, down, and fetch! She’d love to have you teach her other tricks. With guidance and supervision in her new home, Coretta will learn quickly to only use the bathroom outside.

Dream home: Coretta is looking for an adopter who has experience with dogs her size. She’d like to join a family with teens-and-up.

If you’re interested: Please call our Adoption Center in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.