Blu was adopted!
English Bulldog

Big fan of: You! Blu loves every person she meets. She really enjoys being stroked and cuddled. Blu likes a balanced lifestyle of playtime and lap time! When you’re out for a walk, Blu will stick right by your side.

Not a fan of: Blu feels uncomfortable around other dogs, and will likely never enjoy the dog park.

Special features: This smart pup is very eager to learn basic manners, and will work hard for a taste of her favorite treat! With guidance and supervision in her new home, Blu will learn quickly to only use the bathroom outside.

Dream home: Blu has a few ongoing medical conditions that require treatment and care, such as an eye condition and skin and ear issues. She’s looking for a dedicated adopter who will take the time to attend to these needs. We think Blu would get along great with kids of any age.

If you’re interested: Please call our Adoption Center in New York City at (212) 876-7700, ext. 4120.